Les cochonneries

A unique place, steeped in local culture and history.

This emblematic place, known to all Thononese as « Prieuré », welcomed within its walls at the end of the 19th beginning of the 20th century the Marin-Lamelet biscuit factory at the origin of the biscuit from Thonon, a local specialty derived from Savoy cake. It was then taken over by the Hotel from Europe, the entrance of which was located on the ground floor on the Grande rue side. They say that one of the rooms was once occupied by the Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, count of Mirabeau who would have practiced libertinism there excessively.

The first generation restaurant « Le Prieuré » was estsablished on the first floor of the building in 1979 above the vegetable market « Les Quatre Saisons ».

The Plumex couple took over the Priory in 1983 and created a restaurant on two levels which reaches the Michelin Star.

By preserving the spirit of this unique place, steeped in culture and local history that Les Cochonneries du Général open their doors in September 2018 and offer aperitif boards, Savoyard specialities as well as a wine bar, local beers and cocktails. You can sit upstairs in the vaulted room decorated with paintings by Jean-Noël Mazzia in 1887. The establishement opens its doors throughout the year, every day of the week except Sunday from 5.30pm

Le Général is looking after you !

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We do not take reservations, meet on site
We do not take reservations, meet on site