La Brasserie du Général

Founded in 1864, La Brasserie du Général is one of the oldest restaurants in Thonon. Despite its fairly long closure, it has had a strong impact on the minds of several generations. The oldest, daughter of the former owners, says that her parents took over the business in 1930. The restaurant’s history is

intimately linked to the name of this illustrious Haut-Savoyard, captain of the « Légion Française des Allobroges », among the most valiant officers of Napoleon. At that date the establishment already bore the name of Brasserie du Général, in reference to General Dessaix whose statue stands on the Belvedere.

It is by preserving the original spirit of this unique place, steeped in tradition, culture and local histroy that the Brasserie has been rehabilitated and renovated from floor to ceiling.

Reopened in spring 2014 in the city center of Thonon, the establisment now opens its doors throughout the year, every day for lunch as well as dinner service. In the afternoon you can enjoy a drink.

Le Général is looking after you !

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We do not take reservations, meet on site
We do not take reservations, meet on site